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Former Infinity Ward devs launch Kickstarter campaign for side-scroller To the Death


Scary Mostro is a new development team that’s lead by Todd Alderman and Franceso Gigliotti, both formerly of Infinity Ward and Respawn Entertainment. They’ve teamed up with Cecil Kim and Justin Yun of Section Studios (who previously worked with Sony Santa Monica on God of War) to bring you To the Death, a side-scrolling brawler/shooter for PC platforms. The developers have just launched a Kickstarter campaign for To the Death and they are seeking $400,000 to make the game a reality.

To the Death will follow a pair of warriors who have fought… wait for it… to the death. In the afterlife known as “The Crawl” they continue their battle by blowing through wave after wave of enemies until they can meet in the middle for a futuristic duel featuring an arsenal of guns and swords.

In addition to a traditional two-player co-op mode, To the Death will feature a unique splitscreen head-to-head mode where each warrior will play through the single-player game separately before meeting at the final boss (and then a final duel… to the death). The developers believe that this head-to-head mode will allow each player to track what powerups the other is using and tailor their strategy accordingly.

If all goes well, Scary Mostro and Section expect to release To the Death for the PC, Mac, and Linux in May 2015. And if they receive over $750,000 in pledges, they plan to produce a PS4 and Vita version as well. Good luck gentlemen.

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