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Tokyo Jungle Review: A Story of a Man and His Dog (Without the Man)

What happens to man’s best friend when man doesn’t exist? That’s the big question established in the refreshingly original premise of Tokyo Jungle, a game which sees the human race extinct, domesticated pets running feral and ferocious zoo animals ruling the streets of Tokyo, all facing a savage battle for survival. (more…)

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PSN Today: Grand Theft Auto III, Tokyo Jungle, Dead or Alive 5, Hell Yeah, more

Even if there were replacement referees judging a contest between the PlayStation Store, the Xbox Live Marketplace, and the Wii Shop, Sony would come out way ahead. And they proved why again today by dumping a massive quantity of quality games onto the PlayStation Store. All told, 17 new games are now available on the download service, and here’s a few highlights, starting with one of the greatest games of all time:

  • After a slight delay, Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto III joins the store as part of the PS2 Classics line.
  • FIFA Soccer 13 corner kicks its way onto the store in three different versions (PS3, PSP, and Vita).
  • It’s the end of the world as we know it, but the animals found in the Tokyo Jungle (PSN) are cool with that.
  • The futuristic Starhawk (PS3) is now available to download in both a full version and a special multiplayer only edition.
  • EA’s underappreciated classic, Mirror’s Edge (PS3), is also available to download.
  • A pair of fighting games, Marvel vs. Capcom: Origins (PSN) and Dead or Alive 5 (PS3) will battle it out for your affections.
  • The absolutely insane Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit would make a hell of a download.
  • And LittleBigPlanet PS Vita is now available to download, wait for it, on the PS Vita.

You can find even more new releases after the break along with a ton of new game add-ons at the PlayStation Blog. (more…)

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Tokyo Jungle comes to America in September

Did you watch that trailer for Tokyo Jungle? No? Well, you should.

I’ll wait.

Watch it yet? Ok, good. Then you saw the words “Urban based animal survival genre.” It’s like they took Twelve Monkeys and made only the above-ground part, with the wild animals running around all over Philadelphia, into a video game. There are “over 50 playable animals ranging from Pomeranians to Lions” in the game, according to the PlayStation Blog. There were baby chicks, and some dogs about to get it on, and was that a kangaroo attacking a tiger?

Wait a minute… did they say Pomeranians? I’m not sure what is going on here. All I know is that Tokyo Jungle comes to the PlayStation Network (priced at $14.99) on September 25.

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