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Trine 2: Complete Story announced for PS4


With the war for next-gen supremacy raging on all fronts, it’s more important than ever to know which games will be launching on which platforms. A little while back, rumors began circulating that Trine 2 was in development for the PlayStation 4. Earlier today, the developers behind the game, Frozenbyte, confirmed on the PlayStation Blog that the rumors were true, and that the full and complete version of Trine 2, known as Trine 2: Complete Story would indeed be releasing on Sony’s next-gen console.

For those of you that don’t know, Trine 2 is a side-scrolling puzzle and platforming game that has been released for various platforms over the past two years, including the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network (PS3) in 2011, and for the Wii U in 2012. Players can choose to play as the Thief, the Wizard, or the Knight as they quest through the dungeons of Trine’s fairytale world, including 20 levels full of puzzles and platforming fun. Frozenbyte has been working on a port of the game for the PlayStation 4 for quite some time and they expect to deliver the most visually stunning version of Trine 2 with Trine 2: Complete Story sometime before the end of the year.

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XBLA Today: Trine 2

The puzzle platformer Trine 2 is now available on the Xbox Live Arcade from publisher Atlus and developer Frozenbyte. The multiplayer adventure has been priced at 1200 Microsoft Points ($15), which is a pretty good deal for the sequel to one of the best-reviewed games of 2009.

More on Trine 2 can be found right here:

Experience a world of stunning beauty, potent magic, and perilous adventure… one in which you may travel alone or with friends. Play as the powerful knight, the swift rogue, and the crafty wizard in this physics-based, action-platformer with 3-player local and online multiplayer. Make the most of each character’s unique skills and tools to find your way through each puzzling stage of this breathtakingly beautiful adventure. Brought together by chance and bound by a powerful ancient magic, a knight, a thief, and a wizard must now work together to undo the spell cast upon them and defeat an undead army threatening the kingdom. Each is uniquely specialized; the knight is master of strength and steel, his mighty sword capable of felling any foe. The thief is fast and dextrous, highly proficient with bow and arrow. The wizard dominates his surroundings, manipulating the environment around him. Together, there is no enemy or obstacle that can stand in their way.

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PS Store Today: Trine 2, Sonic CD, L.A. Noire, a lot more

Merry Christmas from Sony! Sure, you have to pay for all of this week’s PlayStation Store goodies. But Sony Claus has been very good to us all the same.

This week sees the release of (deep breath now) Trine 2, Sonic CD, Apples To Apples, L.A. Noire, NCAA Football 12, Just Cause 2, Brothers In Arms: Hell’s Highway, Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, Centipede (a PSone Classic), and Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 for the PSP. Whew! Now that’s how you do a PlayStation Store update!

More information on all of these titles can be found after the break. And a complete list of all of this week’s game add-ons can be found at the PlayStation.Blog. (more…)

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