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Ubisoft wouldn’t dare bring We Dare to America

Man, if the people at Fox News thought Bulletstorm and Mass Effect were bad, something like We Dare would probably send them into convulsions. Published by Ubisoft, We Dare is the latest party game for the Wii and Move-enabled PS3s. But instead of cartoonish recreations of sporting events or backyard games, We Dare is a minigame collection for couples. It’ll also only be available in Europe (on March 11) and Ubisoft has no plans to bring it to America.

As you can see from the trailer above, the minigames included in the title have a rather social bent to them. Players are encouraged to nearly kiss as they bob for apples (with a dangling Wii Remote standing in for the apple) while another game requires spanking your partner (with the Remote hooked into their waistband) to make their on-screen avatar fly faster. The climax of the trailer involves a pole dancing minigame that fades out just as the whole exercise appears to descend into the beginnings of a porno film.

I don’t know about you, but I have NO idea why Ubisoft thinks We Dare wouldn’t fly in America.

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