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wiisportsclub-logoYou might have noticed a lack of new retail releases this week. And that’s because Nintendo decided to release Wii Sports Club today. Nintendo is notorious for releasing games outside of the traditional Tuesday morning slot, but they can get away with that, because they’re Nintendo. Wii Sports Club brings together all five Wii Sports titles while adding high definition graphics and opening up the competition to online multiplayer.

Baseball… Bowling… Boxing… Golf… Tennis… what’s your game?

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Final Wii Sports Club titles will be available on June 26; Boxed collection coming in July

wiisportsclub-logoThe remaining two games from the Wii Sports Club collection, Wii Sports Club: Baseball and Wii Sports Club: Boxing, will finally be available to download from the Wii U eShop on June 26.

However, if you’d prefer to purchase every Wii Sports Club title at the same time, Nintendo plans to release a disc-based compilation on July 25. Priced at $39.99, the retail disc will include all five sports (Tennis, Bowling, Golf, Baseball, and Boxing), though it probably won’t include any additional bonus features. But every Wii Sports Club title did receive a high definition graphical makeover and includes online multiplayer modes that weren’t present in the Wii originals.

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