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Portal 2 has levels with motion control… on the PC?

Even though Valve was adamant in their stance on not making Portal 2 compatible with the Move – let alone the Kinect – it is compatible with new motion-sensing controllers for the PC. The Razer Hydra, by Razer, can be purchased standalone or in a bundle with Portal 2, and there are six special levels created just for the new controllers.

Razer collaborated with Sixsense and Valve to make this power happen. Gabe Newell said that the controller “is a significant step forward for the PC gaming industry because it not only affords an almost-physical experience for gamers, but also presents developers an opportunity to innovate and significantly push the boundaries on new forms of gameplay and entertainment.”

It’s also already compatible with over 125 PC games, including World of Goo and another of Valve’s hits, Left 4 Dead. Sixsense’s CEO, Amir Rubin, feels that this collaboration has “established the PC as the best platform for motion gaming” and that the levels made for Portal 2 “allow gamers to fully experience the possibilities of motion gaming.”

I don’t know if jumping onto the motion controller bandwagon will establish the PC as the best platform. Now that the PC has caved and joined the fray, gamers who desperately hoped that motion gaming was a fad will now have to embrace the grim reality: it’s here to stay, and now it’s even on your computer.

The Razer Hydra will be available in June for a price of $139.99 (and that includes a copy of Portal 2).

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