Sefton Hill hints that Rocksteady might have at least one more Batman game in their future

Rocksteady recently released a new episode in their Arkham Insider video series ahead of next week’s launch of the Season of Infamy expansion for Batman: Arkham Knight. In addition to giving players a sneak peek at a quartet of returning rogues (Killer Croc, Mr. Freeze, Mad Hatter, and Ra’s al Ghul), Brand Marketing Producer Dax Ginn also sat down with Game Director Sefton Hill to discuss the studio’s work on the Arkham series as a whole. But their pleasant chat may have inadvertently lead to a hint about the franchise’s future at Rocksteady:

Ginn: Sefton, for you, it must be a very emotional time. because this isn’t just the end of Batman: Arkham Knight, it’s sort of the end of Rockteady’s time with the Arkham trilogy. What’s going on in your head at the moment?

Hill: It’s been a very emotional and exciting journey for us. I’ve always said it’s a tremendous privilege and honor to be the custodians of the Batman universe and to live this for nearly ten years To be thinking about the big guy and all the adventures and coming out with new and exciting things we can do in that world. That huge period of time has been amazing, energizing, emotional… it’s been incredible. I really hope the fans are happy with the work we’ve done… that we’ve been able to let people become the Batman and really enjoy his world for such a long period of time.

Ginn: So Sefton, are you saying categorically that this is the end of the road for Rocksteady and Batman?

With a hopeful lilt in his voice, Hill began to reply, “Well…,” before being cut off by a supposed camera malfunction.

Ever since Arkham Knight’s initial announcement, representatives from Rocksteady have always asserted that it would be their final Batman game. While Hill’s “Well…” isn’t proof the studio will stay tuned to that “Same Bat-Channel” on future projects, it is certainly an interesting statement to make.

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