Crysis 2 multiplayer demo coming next week on Xbox Live

Starting January 25th, Xbox Live Gold subscribers will be able to take part in the multiplayer demo of Crytek’s latest game, Crysis 2. The demo will feature the “Skyline” map and the modes “Team Instant Action” (re: our super accessible team deathmatch you will not get overwhelmed by!!!) and the more tactical “Crash Site.” The first mode is what you’d expect of normal team deathmatch while the latter has two teams scrambling to find and acquire alien drop pods.

The full game will come with six game modes and twelve maps, all developed by Crytek’s dedicated multiplayer team, Crytek UK. Fans following the studio will know that Crytek UK is the company’s re-branding of Free Radical, developers of Time Splitters, formed by senior members of the original team at Rare who worked on Goldeneye 64 and the first Perfect Dark. Hopefully some of that multiplayer magic will carry over into Crysis 2.

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