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About Warp Zoned
Warp Zoned — (adjective) The state of being when you say “one more game” at eight o’clock and then, the next thing you know, it’s midnight.

Warp Zoned was founded by five veteran members of the enthusiast press as a place to provide their opinion on the video game industry with an 8-bit sense of style. Every day, Warp Zoned delivers a healthy dose of the latest game news, reviews and previews. We also have a heavy focus on interviews, editorials, and feature articles that look at what’s going on in the game industry and the players who populate the gaming community.

In addition to our little corner of the Internet, Warp Zoned provides news coverage of the gaming industry for Computer Link Magazine, Western New York’s free technology magazine.

Now then… Meet the Warp Zoned Staff

Warp Zoned Review Policy
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Terms of Use/Privacy Policy
Here’s the long version full of big words and lawyerspeak. But rather than bore you with a bunch of legalese you’re not going to read, here’s the super short version:

We write articles about games and you can read those articles. You can also use a Disqus account to comment on them. We don’t collect any personal identifying information from you to read our articles or comment on them. Finally, please don’t be a jerk when commenting, or we’ll have to ban you.