So You Wanna Be a Warp Zoned Writer?

Do you have an obsession with video games? Do you have strong opinions about video games? Do you need an outlet for your strong opinions about video games?

Join… Us…

We’re looking for talented writers who want to share their opinions about video games with the world. Warp Zoned is a new player in the world of video game journalism, but we’re growing fast. So if you’re interested in joining us as a staff writer, send an email to john AT warpzoned DOT com with two writing samples and any links to previous writing experience. Please use the subject line “I Wanna Be a Warp Zoned Writer” when applying.

Currently, staff positions are not paid a salary, but all writers are eligible to join our revenue sharing program and receive a piece of what the site earns every month with bonuses paid out depending upon how many articles you writer per month. We will never ask you to write for free.

Current Open Positions

Contributing News Editor - A Contributing News Editor is responsible for posting a minimum of two news articles a day.

Staff Writer - A Staff Writer is responsible for three feature articles (a review, a preview, an editorial or some other major piece) a month. Staff Writers are also encouraged to contribute daily news stories a few times a week.