Final Fantasy Type-0 trailer released, badassity incoming

Okay, so I watched the trailer for the Kingdom Hearts 3DS game earlier this morning, as well as the Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer… but I have to say, this Final Fantasy Type-0 preview may just embody a lot of what the latest Final Fantasy games have been missing.

It looks as though a more traditional “RPG” atmosphere returns in Type-0, with castles, heroes equipped with swords, boxy-shaped mechs, and… dare I say it… a dragon?! It is hard to tell – as always – what the battle system will exactly be, but it seems that abilities can be assigned to buttons, possibly making Type-0 more of an action-RPG.

Though most of the portable Final Fantasy excursions seem to become a general flop, Type-0 looks to have quite a bit of promise. As old advertisements would say: “But don’t take my word for it!” Check out the trailer up above.

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