Entire Nintendo 3DS shipment gone within a day

The initial shipment of the Nintendo 3DS in Japan, 400,000 units, has completely sold out in less than 24 hours. Retailers were already taking pre-orders for the next shipment that was set to arrive today. Nintendo plans to distribute a total of 1.5 million units to stores in the country by the end of March, (the end of their fiscal year) and if this keeps going, I imagine those will be gone just as fast. The total worldwide shipment in the same time frame will be 4 million units, and if the rest of us go as crazy for this handheld as the Japanese have, well, that’s a pretty big install base in a very short amount of time.

This is insane. You can hear some thoughts on the 3DS from the Warp Zoned staff, including yours truly, on the third episode of our podcast here.

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