Killzone 3 Retro Map Pack revealed, public multiplayer beta begins today

Pre-orders at participating retailers for Killzone 3 were revealed to include not only access to the multiplayer beta for SOCOM 4, but the mysterious Retro Map Pack, which was to include two fan favorite multiplayer maps from the previous game, Killzone 2. Guerilla Games finally revealed yesterday on the PlayStation Blog what those maps would be – Salamun Market (a market district in between high-rises and the winding alleyways running through them) and Blood Gracht (slums adjacent to a canal). Both maps are a little different this time, as they both take place during the day. Also, Helghan’s wild vegetation has started to overrun Blood Gracht while the mechs from the Killzone universe, now available in multiplayer, will be up for grabs on the Salamun Market map. Salamun Market was particularly great for large scale skirmishes, while Blood Gracht was arguably perfect for four-on-four matches. The map pack comes free for those who pre-ordered the game at select retailers (again, only Gamestop, Best Buy, and Amazon are listed) and will be available for purchase from the PlayStation Store.

I’m very, very surprised the maps weren’t Radec Academy and Pyrrhus Rise. Killzone 2 still has tons of servers running 24/7 Radec Academy Body Count games (re: Team Deathmatch) and Pyrrhus Rise was always the favorite for the full seven rounds of Warzone. The two maps here are pleasantly surprising and excellent choices, though, especially with the changes Guerilla introduced. Also, be sure to check the PlayStation Store at 10:00am Pacific Time (1:00pm here on the East Coast) for the public multiplayer beta of Killzone 3. You’ll also be able to win a super exclusive Limited Helghast Edition of Killzone 3 if you play this weekend from Friday to Sunday.

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