Pac-Man and Galaga reimagined for 3DS

Namco Bandai announced yesterday that two of their most legendary franchises will see new treatments taking advantage of some of the Nintendo 3DS’ more distinctive features. No specific release date was mentioned, but sometime this year the publisher will release Pac-Man and Galaga Dimensions, one package including the new Pac-Man Tilt and Galaga 3D Impact. Both games heavily utilize the 3DS’ gyroscope; Pac-Man Tilt has players, you guessed it, tilting their 3DS from side to side to work Pac-Man through 2D platforming levels while Galaga 3D Impact has you play from the seat of a turret, moving around to locate and shoot down the Galaga forces coming at you.

Both games seem to deviate greatly from from the formulas we’ve all grown accustomed to, but it’s definitely a cool thing to see them make new gameplay types using all the 3DS has to offer, instead of just giving us the same game from the 80’s in 3D.

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