Vagrant Story joining Square Enix’s PSOne Classics tomorrow

If you’ve been watching Warp Zoned over the last week or so, you’ve probably seen me geek out about all the awesome content Square Enix has been bringing to the PlayStation Store. Xenogears made the transition last week, Parasite Eve got an ESRB rating to do the same, and Tactics Ogre got a digital PSN release for the PSP. Now, they’re re-releasing another legendary title from the same team behind Tactics Ogre. Vagrant Story, which is estimated to take place some time after Final Fantasy Tactics and thousands of years after Final Fantasy XII, is finally coming to the US PlayStation Store as a PSOne Classic. Already released on the European PlayStation Store a few months ago, Vagrant Story is an action RPG/dungeon crawler, noted for its beautiful music and heavy focus on weapon customization. Highly immersive, it’s also known as one of the harder Square games from the golden age of PlayStation RPG’s.

While Vagrant Story may be less of a surprise than Parasite Eve or Xenogears, this is certainly an exciting time for classic RPG fans. Anyone wanna take bets on the next one? I’ll be hoping for Dragon Quest VII. Let us know in the comments which classic Square Enix game you’d like to see next.

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