Behold: five glorious minutes of Resistance 3 multiplayer; killstreaks, new engine

Whether Insomniac likes it or not, Resistance 3 is at the center of the shooter genre war going on right now. Being a platform exclusive doesn’t help, either, as all eyes are on the latest chapter in the sci-fi military shooter saga to see if it will deliver or not. I know I was worried that the devs might be missing the point with their multiplayer progression, but right now, I really don’t care – I just want to play the damn thing.

The game looks phenomenal, with visuals in multiplayer that look just as great as they did during campaign in the VGA reveal trailer. Insomniac’s strength in animation are possibly at their best. The weapon wheel also carries over into the online mode, with players switching between Sniper Rifles, Chimeran Assault Rifles, and the much beloved Rossmore Shotgun. Killstreaks also make a debut, with pulling off a string of frags earning you series trademarks like cloaking or the Auger shield. Most importantly for me, the auto aim seems toned down so it’s not a “who sees who first” contest like in the second game. Honestly, this looks like an argument for developers to get off the two year cycle that plagues this industry and put in that extra year of effort. It appears to have gone a long way.

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