Extended Prototype 2 trailer adds in some dev commentary

GDC is ending today (but PAX is coming up!) and Radical Entertainment released an extended clip of the announcement trailer for Prototype 2. It’s mostly the same stuff we saw at the VGAs, but the most notable part is the developer commentary. It’s almost kind of depressing, where one of the lead designers proclaims how he’s not making the game for himself, he’s making this game for three, four, five million people and wants to know how to make it for them.

I guess the sentiment’s appropriate for GDC, since everyone there is asking the same question, but I would hate to play in an industry where that’s how game developers go about their job. In fact, the team in the Killzone 3 special features stated that it’s a culmination of all the cool ideas they personally wished were in games, and that turned out pretty well. We’ll have to see how the different approaches work out for each studio with the incoming NPD report for February and when Prototype 2 ships sometime in 2012.

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