SOCOM 4 multiplayer beta opens for PlayStation Plus users today

It’s on. While many of us will be knee deep in Crysis 2, more tactical shooter fans, third person enthusiasts, and PlayStation elitists will be overcome with joy to play the multiplayer beta for SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy Seals. PlayStation Plus subscribers get a little value added today when the PlayStation Store updates with the download.

The beta includes all four game modes on two maps, in both standard and classic matchmaking. Plus subscribers will be joining the lucky players who got to participate in the private beta, where a few custom types were also available. Hopefully we’ll get to play those, too.

The beta for Killzone 3 purchasers begins next week, followed by an open beta for all PSN users the week after that, and the full version of SOCOM 4 releases for the PlayStation 3 on April 19.

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