Jeff Rubenstein beats an entire level of SOCOM 4 without firing a single shot

SOCOM has always been known as the “thinking man’s shooter.” Not only do you move with a squad of units, you actually get to direct their actions, coordinating how you tackle each area. You can do most of the heavy lifting yourself and have your allies support you or command the flow of combat, safe from enemy fire. The SOCOM 4: US Navy SEALs video above highlights the silver trophy, “Expert Tactician,” where you have to complete an entire level using only your teammates to take down the enemy. Jeff Rubenstein and Sid Shuman of the PlayStation Blog take on the beach skirmish of mission five of the single player campaign, Benefaction. While Sid gets his hands dirty, Jeff, who kind of looks like the OpsCom from the game, impressively attains the Expert Tactician trophy.

Players can get more in touch with their tactical side next week when SOCOM 4 launches for PlayStation 3 on April 19.

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