Mortal Kombat: Legacy Dissected

The first episode of Mortal Kombat: Legacy is here and it’s packed full of references to the rest of the Mortal Kombat franchise. You can watch it again above, or you can hit the jump to learn all of the episode’s juicy secrets.

Just a warning, SPOILERS follow.

The episode opens with a shot of a Black Dragon weapons manufacturing facility. And what kind of weapons are they making? Specifically, sophisticated cybernetics like this mask (which belongs to Kabal)…

…or this eyeball. Which we all know will eventually be implanted into Kano. A henchman even takes the time to explain that the eyeball shoots laser beams.

After capturing Sonya Blade, Kano shackles her wrists and chains her to the ceiling of his lair, very similarly to how Shao Kahn will imprison both of them in Mortal Kombat II. During their conversation, Sonya spits on Kano, mimicking her “Kiss of Death” special move. Kano retaliates with a headbutt (which, admittedly, is much more effective when your head is outfitted with a steel plate).

As Kano and Sonya continue their verbal sparring, the Black Dragon leader pulls a knife (another common Kano special move) and threatens to cut Sonya’s heart out, which, as we all know, is his signature Fatality.

Kano and his men are armed with grenade launchers that shoot a very distinctive grenade, one that a Lin Kuei named Cyrax will eventually inherit.

After a fight with Jax, Kano is thrown by an explosion. The same explosion that will destroy half of his face. And just to punctuate his unfortunate circumstance, Kano flies past a sign that reads “Eye Protection Mandatory In This Area.” If only he remembered.

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