Resistance 3 pre-order bonus lets you play as Nathan Hale

Wait, what?

That’s right…you can run around in multiplayer as needs-his-medication Nathan Hale in the final hours of his life. That is, if you pre-order Resistance 3 from Best Buy. The multiplayer skin features Hale looking awfully haggard, struggling through his final hours of being a human…and, it turns out, being alive. This whole paragraph is making me weepy.

The PlayStation Blog has a full list of pre-order bonuses (shout out to the awesome David Bull!). Amazon is giving you a No. 60 Air Fuel Grenade, while Wal-Mart’s offer is five custom name titles – including the elite Sentinels. I’m going to have a terribly hard time choosing between playing as Hale in multiplayer… or pre-ordering from GameStop, which is offering a replica of the necklace Joseph Capelli wore. Yeah, I’m referring to the necklace of Chimera teeth.

I guess I’ll have to make my decision before September 6th, when Insomniac Games finally lets this beast out into the wild.

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