Modern Warfare 3 to include color blind option

One of the many controversies surrounding Modern Warfare 2 was that in multiplayer, teammates’ names appear over their heads in green while enemy names appear in red. If you’re color blind, this essentially means you’re screwed, doubly so if you enjoy Hardcore game modes (unless of course you like team-killing). As part of the “let’s appease everyone Infinity Ward drove away” initiative in Call of Duty: Black Ops, Treyarch included a color blind option for such players.

The trend continues, as the Sledgehammer blog confirms the feature returns in Modern Warfare 3. In response to a question from Nick, a color blind fan, Sledgehammer Vice President and COO writes, “start honing your MP skills, Nick. You won’t be able blame your red-green deficiency for all that friendly-fire come November 8th.”

Accessibility in gaming is a big new initiative; it’s good to see the bigger names in gaming getting with the program.

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