Our cries have been answered in Final Fantasy XIII-2

It seems that Square Enix has heard our gripes about Final Fantasy XIII and wants to change our minds with the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII-2. According to the developers, come this January, you will see an open world that is begging to be explored as well as a host of mini-games.

“This new game is more player-driven, as opposed to story-driven, so that you can explore different locations and fields to get information and explore towns and other types of locations, as well. So we are very determined to rectify all of the problems, and we think we have,” Motomu Toriyama told Gamasutra.

The new battle system introduced in FFXIII will also receive a buffing. “Because this is the sequel to XIII, we took the basic concept of the Paradigm Shift, for example. The basic idea is the same; but we actually refined it and added new elements to it to make it even better.”

Next time you think that those big, imposing developers aren’t listening to you, remember Square Enix. Hopefully, they didn’t rely on the fans too much and cancel the game entirely. I’m looking at you, Capcom.

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