Mortal Kombat 10 likely, but don’t expect it next year

Here’s a shocker, Mortal Kombat 10 is being discussed within NetherRealm Studios. Speaking to Official Xbox Magazine, series creator Ed Boon had this to say about future installments in the brutal fighting franchise:

“We’re going to at least have a conversation about a sequel, but we certainly haven’t started or planned out anything,” offers Boon. “I would love to see another one come out in the not-too-distant future. At the same time, I personally wouldn’t want to release one really fast — like next year — because I think you can oversaturate [the market], especially having released a game that’s doing exceptionally well. I would really want to give it time to breathe.”

So work on MK10 hasn’t begun yet, but a sequel to this April’s big-selling reboot sounds very likely. Unless NetherRealm does a 180 and tries their hand at a non-fighting game as Boon also told OXM that the studio is “definitely exploring other opportunities [beyond the fighting genre].”

Mortal Kombat Basketball confirmed!

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