Warp Zoned Podcast: Episode 17

This week on the Warp Zoned Podcast, Nicole Kline, Ryan Littlefield, John Scalzo, and special guest Anthony Schneegas discuss a very important topic: Borderlands! What they love, what they hate, and most importantly, how to catch a riiiiiiiiiiiiiiide. Oh, and they also talked a bit about the new 3DS Ambassador program Nintendo unveiled, which has Ryan and Nicole pretty darn excited. They round it out with whether or not games are too expensive, what’s too much to pay for a game, and why some developers can be real hypocrites about it. If you’re playing Borderlands right now and want some company, feel free to add Nicole and Ryan on the PSN – her name is toitle and his is rightontargt4. And remember, we want your questions! Email us at mailbag [at] warp zoned [dot] com or Twitter-mention us at @WarpZoned.

Download Episode 17 Now.

And be sure to check back next week for Episode 18!

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