Dark Souls’ “Prologue: Part 3” trailer is the most metal thing you’ll see all week

Namco Bandai continues to stream out the Dark Souls prologue trailers with part three. Now, we get to see the giant, boney monster-thingy named Nit staring at the fire in his hands despite lacking eyeballs. If there’s one hope I have for the game, it’s that every hit on Nit will count as a headshot since his torso is made of skulls. We then see him “unleashing a miasma of death and disease” before cutting to a company of knights throwing lightning bolts at dragons.

If Namco Bandai would allow it, I’d like to form a metal band and use these images for an album cover. Dark Souls is set for a US release on October 4, 2011.

And in case you missed them, don’t forget to check out Prologue: Part 1 and Prologue: Part 2.

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