Sony uses a mysterious video to tease a mysterious announcement on 10.5.11

Sony has uploaded a new video to their YouTube channel that hints at a big announcement on October 5, 2011.

The video depicts a squad of soldiers (who are wearing patches from the 82nd Airborne Division) travelling through a dense forest and finding a mysterious mansion in a clearing. The mansion’s lobby is staffed by an otherworldly-looking woman and after paying the price of admission, the soldiers enter the back room. Loud voices can be heard in the room, but before we can see inside, the trailer cuts away to a title card showing the date “10.5.11” written in gothic script and PlayStation/PS3/PSN logos.

Mysterious advertisements are nothing new for Sony. But the sheer number of Easter eggs hidden within the 53 seconds of video shown above point to something more. So far, the following secrets have been found:

  • A ghostly shape at 0:02
  • Chimera eyes at 0:18
  • Sweet Tooth’s ice cream van at 0:23
  • A Metal Gear MK II at 0:27
  • A drawing of PaRappa the Rapper at 0:31
  • A LittleBigPlanet orb at 0:36
  • A weapons rack featuring guns from Resistance, Ratchet & Clank and Killzone at 0:40
  • A subliminal image of Kratos at 0:51

It should also be noted that “Divat Ludus Longe” is written above the door of the mansion. The phrase is Latin and means “Play Is By Far the Most Divine.”

So what does it all mean? Beats me. Perhaps Kratos and the “Divine” tag line point to a God of War IV reveal. Or maybe the long line of PlayStation mascots points to confirmation of the North American release of Vita. Or maybe it’s something else entirely, like a new holiday bundle. Whatever it is, we’ll find out on October 5.

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