PSN experiences a new user information breach – 93,000 affected

It appears that Sony’s favorite network hackers took the summer off to get outside and enjoy some nice weather reconvene on how to continuously screw over the general gaming public.

As of yesterday, Sony has experienced a new series of attempts to test username and password combinations in order to find matches between the two. According to Philip Reitinger, Sony’s SVP & Chief Security Information Officer, the login information was likely obtained from another source, site, or company – but for all we know, it could have even been some of the same information obtained during the Anonymous outbreak earlier this year.

Fortunately, Reitinger states that the overwhelming majority of the login username/password sets failed to match – even more reason to conclude that it may have come from the previous PSN breach. He mentions that only one tenth of a percent (0.1%) – or 93,000 – of the accounts across PSN, SEN, and SOE were affected, and those accounts have since been locked, due to minimal or no activity on most of those accounts. No credit card information is reported to be in danger.

For those accounts where the username and password returned a match, Sony will require a password change after the temporary lock is lifted.

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