Sony’s UMD Passport program allows users to play PSP games on Vita

Sony realizes those tiny, tiny discs you have that you use in your PSP shouldn’t become obsolete when the Vita comes out. The company has announced a “UMD Passport” service in Japan, which basically allows PSP owners to play their PSP games on their Vita… for a nominal fee.

A similar system was considered when the PSP Go was released, but now it appears that players will be able to swap their UMD discs for digital downloads. The system works when a user downloads an app to their PSP called “UMD Registration Application.” Then, they put a UMD into the system, it will connect to the PSN, allowing them to purchase the game for what Sony says is “a reasonable price.” Then, when the Vita launches in Japan on the 17th of December, the PSP games can be transferred over to Sony’s newest handheld.

Currently, there are a whole slew of companies offering their games up for transfer (currently 200 titles from 40 publishers) with transfer prices ranging from 100 yen ($1.29) to 2400 yen ($31.00). Some of the titles confirmed to be available for transfer are Persona 3 Portable (for 1500 yen), Guilty Gear: Judgement (for 500 yen) and Gran Turismo (for 1300 yen).

[Source: Kotaku]

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