Warpback: What We Played in February 2012

February was a mix here at Warp Zoned – some of us were delving into old games while others were on their shiny new Vitas, tearing things up and forgetting to do things like eat and sleep. We went everywhere from Silent Hill to Springfield, hanging out with Lightning and the Prince of the Cosmos. Read on to find out more about exactly what we did during this extended leap month.

John Scalzo
Ay carumba! My February was spent reliving my youth. This included the great Simpsons Arcade Game on the Xbox Live Arcade and my new favorite iPod Touch timewaster, Breakout Boost. While the “Release the Hounds” Achievement on The Simpsons has me stymied, I actually managed to break into the top 50 of the Breakout Boost leaderboard. Tremble before my ball-handling skills!

And with its return to the XBLA, I was inspired to give Doom another spin this month. Apparently, I hadn’t gotten my ass to Mars in a long time, and battling Imps, zombie soldiers, and Cacodemons is just as much fun as I remember. Man, I can’t wait to hear more about Doom 4!

Finally, the Binary Domain demo gave me something to look forward to for next month and, by the time you read this, I’ll have started to dig into the retail game.

Nicole Kline
Senior Editor
What did I do in February? It was such a blur that I can barely remember. I know i’ve played a lot of Final Fantasy XIII-2, and I’ve been playing the original Silent Hill while reading Silent Hill: The Terror Engine. It’s enough to keep me up at night! Other than that, this month has mostly just been a lot of writing. I feel like I write about games more than I play them! But such is the life I have chosen to lead. Oh, and I’ve been listening to that song “Doomsday” by Nero from the Borderlands 2 trailer. Who’s ready for it to be September?

Ryan Littlefield
Podcast Producer
February was a pretty good month for me, game-wise! I finally plowed through the remainder of Catherine, and spent several days pulling and pushing blocks in my head. It’s one of THOSE kind of games. Speaking of pushing, I played a bit more of Pushmo for 3DS, as well as Demon’s Souls, and God of War II (the HD collection version). I really should just sit down and finish that, huh. I’ve also been working my way back through Final Fantasy XIII before I re-visit that universe in Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Most of the month was spent biding my time until the Vita came out – then I finished Uncharted:Golden Abyss and Touch My Katamari in all but a few days. I have not put my Vita down, actually. Aside from dedicated sessions of FF XIII, it’s all I’ve been doing for the past week. Yes, yes, I’m remembering to eat, don’t worry. Seriously though, this is a great handheld, and I’ve still got Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational and Little Deviants to keep me going!

Oh yeah, and I finished Rhythm Heaven Fever in a couple hours. Just a teensy blip on the radar.

John Martin
Staff Writer
February’s over already? Oh man, I barely felt like I experienced it. My blur of a month did not involve much gaming, unfortunately. When I wasn’t slaving over coursework and internship duties, I gamed a bit on my Kindle Fire. I played some of the mainstays like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, and Cut the Rope. But I’ve also been hopelessly addicted to a game called Bag It where you… bag groceries. You take items like watermelons, milk, and eggs and arrange them in such a way that they don’t crush each other in the brown grocery bag. Sounds boring, right? It’s actually pretty fun and can be a very effective way to fail one’s papers. It’s been a slow month in terms of “major” gaming for me, but I’ve been making do with enjoyable spurts of casual gaming.

Andrew Rainnie
Staff Writer
Due to desperately trying to find a VFX Artist to animate a taxidermied squirrel in my short film, February proved to be a scant month for video game playing in my house. When I have had the time, I’ve been exploring the wild wild west in Red Dead Redemption, as well as exploring the social gaming world of Zynga with Words For Friends (challenge me, for a writer I absolutely suck at the words game). Although I think Michael Pachter is very very wrong in saying this week that Nintendo has lost a third of its gamers to mobile gaming – I play games on my phone when I’m on a bus or on the pan, but if I’m in the house, my Wii or PS3 get my undue attention.

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