WTF? Sony can’t keep up with PS2, PSP demand

What kind of weird hell is this?

OK, perhaps that’s a bit harsh. After all, Sony probably isn’t selling very many PlayStation 2 and PSP systems anymore. So it stands to reason that they aren’t producing very many either. But however many they’re making, it’s not enough to satisfy the demands of the American consumer.

Here’s what SCEA President and CEO Jack Tretton had to say about the situation in an interview (which mostly dealt with the Vita’s launch) with Forbes:

Forbes: What is going to happen to the PlayStation Portable line?

Tretton: The PSP will continue to sell on at $129. Right now there is more demand for PSP than there is production capacity… that is pretty much truth with the PlayStation 2 as well. PlayStation 2 will continue to sell as long as we can build it profitably and there is an audience for it, and PSP will follow that same trend.

I have to tip my hat to Sony. The fact that there’s still demand for the PS2 after 12 years is an amazing accomplishment.

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