Battlefield developer DICE is hiring for a next-gen game

Who wants to work in Stockholm?

DICE, the EA division of mad programmers that play with the Frostbite 2 engine and brought you titles such as Battlefield 3 and Mirror’s Edge, is looking for a senior software engineer to help them craft their next-gen titles. Next-gen as in PlayStation 4 (AKA Orbis), Xbox 720, and Wii U.

What do you need to work at DICE? Hit the jump to find out, complete with translations for those unfamiliar with video game employment vernacular.

  • Live in or move to Sweden
    Translation: It may be cold, but at least they have fresh IKEA meatballs.

  • Worked on multiple AAA titles for PC and consoles (X360/PS3)
    Translation: They aren’t going to hand over the reigns to a rookie

  • Generalist but with deep knowledge in at least one game engine related area
    Translation: Know that game engines are not coal-powered

  • Excellent C/C++ knowledge and used to working on large projects & codebases
    Translation: Be willing to sift through code for hours and actually understand every single part of it

  • Used to profile code and optimize it for performance and memory
    Translation: No one likes lag when you frag

  • Excellent debugging skills
    Translation: You need to know how to fix it when your character clips into the nether-void between 1s and 0s

  • Self-driven with a strong sense of quality
    Translation: Understand the core reasons why you love [insert favorite game here]

  • Great communication skills that supports an open working environment in terms of feedback
    Translation: Speak up, and don’t cry when someone gets upset at the “clever” easter egg you made

Now, go dust off that resume and hopefully book a ticket to Sweden.

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