Three new trailers for DMC: Devil May Cry

Dante is back once again to banish some demons with his signature brand of gravity defying flippy-shooty-slashy-wahey! DMC: Devil May Cry looks like a spectacularly fresh entry into the series while still retaining the essence of what makes a Devil May Cry game. Which is to say, you can still make some demonic marionettes hover in the air with only your bullets for support.

What really stands out in DMC is the inspired art direction. The game looks gorgeous and will be a welcome break from anything remotely realistic. Bright colors amalgamate into a hyper-real world for you and Dante to explore.

And from the gameplay trailers you can find after the break, the rest of the game looks to be on par with the spectacular visuals. Don’t believe me? Have a peek below and see what you think.

Combat Gameplay Trailer

Traversal Gameplay Trailer

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