Minecraft delivers a pickaxe blow to every XBLA sales record

Does it honestly surprise anyone anymore that Minecraft has done something amazing and awesome? In addition to being a refreshingly unique and enjoyable game that puts the player’s imagination front and center in their own cubically arranged world, it’s also become the fastest-selling game ever offered on the Xbox Live Arcade, both in terms of copies sold and money made.

That’s right, this little indie game has blitzed every XBLA sales record effortlessly to sit high on it’s laurels and reap the rewards. Which are more piles of cash for Markus “Notch” Persson to hurl at Tim Schafer and hopefully any other auteur to help get their arrestingly unique ideas out of their heads and onto consoles and PCs everywhere. Official figures weren’t released, but the Minecraft creator tweeted that more 400,000 had listed their names on the game’s leaderboard on Wednesday.

The previous holder of the 24-hour sales record was Trials Evolution, which was only able to call itself “the fastest-selling XBLA game ever” for three weeks.

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