EA @ E3 12: Madden NFL 13 has a new engine, Connected Careers mode

It won’t be the same old Madden when Madden NFL 13 launches this August. The latest football sim from EA will include a brand new engine, the Infinity Engine, which is a brand new run-time physics engine. According to EA’s Cam Weber, “No two plays will be the same.”

Collisions will be affected by a player’s size, their speed, and how the hit begins. If a player is hit on the arm, they could lose the ball, but tackle animations are no longer the end of the play. Players will be able to “regain balance after contact to fight for a few more yards.”

Former Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin also took the stage to showcase the game’s RPG-like Connected Careers mode. In Connected Careers, players will select a current player, a created player, a legendary player, or a coach in a story-based mode. Completing goals will earn XP that can be used towards a Canton career. Goals can also be shared on Twitter and Facebook.

Madden NFL 13 will launch on August 28.

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