MS @ E3 12: Ascend, LocoCycle, Matter coming in 2013

Microsoft just dropped three trailers for three new games with 2013 release dates in quick succession.

Ascend: New Gods looks to be Microsoft’s take on Shadow of the Colossus as bizarre-looking knights battle even more bizarre-looking giants. It’s coming from Signal Studios, the creators of Toy Soldiers.

LocoCycle is being developed by Twisted Pixel, and while we didn’t get any gameplay footage, it looks to be a spy game starring a sentient motorcycle. From any other developer, that’d be weird, but it’s more or less par for the course when it comes to the Twisted Pixel guys.

Finally, there’s Matter. It’s designed by Gore Verbinksi (director of the first three Pirates of the Caribbean movies) and made for Kinect. It looks like a sleeker, more modern version of Marble Madness.

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