Daily Scoop: July 31, 2012 – Board Game Night!

Hooray for Tuesday! It’s sort of become my favorite day of the week, because of Board Game Night at Redcap’s Corner. My boyfriend and I meet some friends there and play some mixture of games – I’ve had an addiction to Lords of Waterdeep lately, and King of Tokyo is always a big hit. Yay for board games!

Anyway, let’s talk some deals, shall we? GameStop has a bunch of crazy deals going on right now that they’re calling GameStock 2012. The featured deal right now is $20 off Warner Bros. games, including Mortal Kombat and Batman: Arkham City. There are lots of other deals, too – like getting 50% off a three-month XBL Gold membership if you buy an Xbox 360 console, and $10 off any WB-published Lego game (that one ends today!). And don’t forget to check out all the pre-owned deals.

One super awesome t-shirt, coming right up…

This one’s called “Night Watch Bros.” and it’s available over at Tee Raiders:

Too many rad shirts lately! My wallet is suffering.

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