The Games of July 2012

July may seem like a slow month for new games, but Square Enix was busy, and will hopefully keep some of us busy for the next few weeks. Other than that, there’s a lot of random in this list of what we plan on playing in July. Check it out after the jump, and tell us what you hope to be playing this month!

John Scalzo
The two games that I’m most looking forward to in July are actually a pair of June releases. That is to say, they were released on the PC in June. I’m holding out for when both games make it to the Xbox 360, which won’t happen until later this month. Or rather, today, in the case of the Xbox Live Indie Games release of Penny Arcade’s On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3. Old school RPG goodness, here I come!

The other game on my July list is Quantum Conundrum. The first-person puzzle platformer has been available on the PC for two weeks now, but I’m eagerly awaiting the game’s XBLA debut on July 11. I got hooked on this little gem at PAX East, and I can’t wait to see what Kim Swift and the rest of Airtight Games has in store for the full game.

Nicole Kline
Senior Editor
I’m sorry – are there other games coming out besides Theatrhythm Final Fantasy? I genuinely hadn’t noticed. I plan on losing all of my time in that adorable little rhythm game. I played it a few months ago at PAX East and I’ve been eagerly awaiting it since! Oh, well there is one other game I’m looking forward to – the PSN release of Rainbow Moon, by the lunatics who made those crazy Soldner-X games. It looks like a fun time suck. Between those two games – and wrapping up Pokemon Conquest and Ratchet & Clank All 4 One – and taking a class – there’s not much of a chance I’ll survive this month. Oh, and did I mention The Last Story? No? We’re better off that way. Trust me.

Ryan Littlefield
Podcast Producer
Phew! July finally seems like it’s a bit of a slow month – something I could use to catch up on the games I’ve been playing! I’m only really excited for a couple new things this month – Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time, and Risen 2: Dark Waters. I’ve never delved into either series, but maybe I’ll have enough time to give the first Risen title a go before Dark Waters comes out. The fairly unique setting and execution of Dark Waters looks really intriguing to me, and I think it’ll end up being a blast.

With Growlanser, I know the US hasn’t gotten many entries in this series, but that only makes me more eager to give it a look. If there’s this much noise about it coming here, something’s got to be good. Kingdom Hearts: 3D Dream Drop Distance might be alright, but it’s probably going to be a purchase for a much later day – perhaps even after the 3DS XL, which already doesn’t come out until August. And I’m thinking something more along the lines of waiting for a sale on that as well.

Andrew Rainnie
UK Correspondent
Slim pickings indeed. It’s nice to see that the Final Fantasy franchise is continuing its swift descent down the cash cow route with a rhythm game, although Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is a great name for a game, or a band, or anything really. If it were a cocktail I think it would be aquamarine, with flakes of gold. On fire. It is odd though, the game is getting quite good reviews, with many saying it captures the magic the last few games failed to, and yet it is priced far below the average 3DS release (at least here in the UK).

If I had the time to devote to it, I would be very tempted to explore The Secret World. Of course I would also need to buy a gaming PC, but still, it is more appealing than other MMOs. I like the idea of basing it on a version of our reality, or being able to travel places that exist, and see what mysterious lie in these humdrum locations.

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