GameStop to start selling retro games?

Ever wonder what GameStop did with those old games you traded in back when you were a little kid? Well, it looks like they’ve been sitting on them, and now are getting ready to start selling them via the GameStop website.

Speaking to The Verge, GameStop CEO Paul Raines talked about their plans for those old cartridges and CDs:

“”We think there’s a vintage sales opportunity, so we’re accumulating some inventory. It’s a big idea, and there’s a few problems with it. The first one is sourcing the product, the condition, the refurbishment, all that stuff. But there’s a customer for it. And we’re working on some stuff we haven’t announced yet.”

“If you go to eBay and look at all of the gaming stuff that’s on there, it’s unbelievable. Collector’s stuff. We’ve got to be in that business. We will be.”

So what does this mean for us? Well, if GameStop’s recent Retro Game Vault deal is any indication, expect to pay an outrageous price for games you can find at your local garage sale for a few bucks.

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Mike Ryan is a Staff Writer who has been playing video games ever since the Atari 2600. He loves fighting games, survival horror, and he sure plays a mean pinball.

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