Sony Japan Studio makes it Rain at Gamescom

When Sony registered several domain names related to “rain,” many assumed it had something to do with Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain. Instead, the publisher revealed Rain at Gamescom, a new and beautiful title from Sony’s Japan Studio. In the trailer, we’re introduced to an invisible boy who can only be seen outside in the rain. When he wanders inside or under shelter, players can only see him via footprints or by objects that move as he touches him.

With a similar concept to Hudson Soft’s inspired, but clumsily executed, Wii title Lost in Shadow, Rain looks to be a PlayStation Network exclusive. While little other information was revealed, the trailer shows the protagonist being chased by other wet, ghostly figures. And during his flight, he appears to be looking for someone else, possibly a little girl.

Rain currently doesn’t have a release date, but Sony has promised more information will be revealed soon.

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