Assassin’s Creed team moving on to new projects, including more Assassin’s Creed

With the game nearing release, it appears the huge development team behind Assassin’s Creed III is moving onto other projects, or, in the case of Creative Director Alex Hutchinson, hoping for a holiday. Although he does admit that the world of the Assassins and Templars could soon tease him back:

“The franchise can go in many different directions and it’ll be much healthier for it. As for the team, they will now disperse through the company, taking on different roles on future projects. Some people are moving to different stuff in the universe. Some people are doing other stuff at Ubisoft. The amount of people and the type of people you need to start are the different than the people you need at an end of a project.

I’d love to do more Assassin’s Creed stuff, [but] not if it started Monday! But I always say that, then you go away for two weeks, and then someone says I have this idea, and you’re like that’s really cool, let’s give it a shot.”

So there you have it, more Assassin’s Creed is definitely coming along with other stuff, which is possibly Tom Clancy or Rayman-related since we’re talking about Ubisoft. Hutchinson has been with the series since the beginning and The Verge also gave him a chance to reflect on his baby:

“When you lay [the development process] out linearly you realize it’s huge. We might have made a monster. I think it’s fun as well. It’s kind of a nervous excitement. There’s still a bunch of stuff in there people don’t know about, which is fun. The idea that games can still have surprise left in them, that games can still have sense of wonder and discovery, I find really attractive.”

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