PSN Today: Max Payne 3, Double Dragon Neon, La Pucelle Tactics, more

There’s a lot to recommend in this week’s PlayStation Store update. The biggest new release is the downloadable version of Rockstar’s Max Payne 3, which can be purchased for a limited time for $44.99. It’s such a steal, Max Payne might arrest you… if he was still a cop…

Also available this week is the return of the Lee brothers in Double Dragon: Neon. The WayForward-developed beat ’em up is a free download for PlayStation Plus subscribers (along with Scott Pilgrim vs. The World) and a demo is available for the rest of us that want to test the waters before dropping $9.99 on the game.

It may not be of interest to many, but this week’s PS2 Classic is La Pucelle: Tactics. Nippon Ichi’s prequel to the Disgaea series hooked me hard back in 2004. If you like Strategy RPGs, give it a shot.

Hit the jump for the complete list of this week’s new downloadable games (including FIFA Street, Anomaly: Warzone Earth, and Red Johnson’s Chronicles 2) and travel over to the PlayStation Blog for a complete rundown of this week’s new game add-ons.

PS3 Full Games

Max Payne 3 ($59.99, Currently On Sale For $44.99)
No longer a New York City cop, Max Payne moves to São Paulo to protect a wealthy family in an effort to finally escape his troubled past. Combining cutting edge shooting mechanics featuring advanced Bullet Time and Shootdodge effects with a dark and twisted story, Max Payne 3 is a seamless, highly detailed, cinematic experience from Rockstar Games.

FIFA Street ($59.99)
From the creators of the award-winning FIFA [Soccer] franchise, and inspired by street football styles and stars from around the world, FIFA Street is the most authentic street football game ever made. Enjoy a unique and fun experience where everything from the environments to the gear to the music is true to the sport and its culture.

PSN Games

Double Dragon: Neon ($9.99)
Just in time for their 25 year anniversary, the original beat ‘em up bros Billy and Jimmy Lee are back to save their shared love interest, Marian, this time from the evil Skullmageddon. Kick butt over 16 levels against malicious enemies in over-the-top battles. Trained by their sensei in the special form of martial arts called Sōsetsuken, they are equipped with lethal combat skills and weaponry to take out goons as they journey across the galaxy.

Anomaly: Warzone Earth ($9.99)
Challenging, thrilling and only one of its kind – the mix of action and strategy Anomaly: Warzone Earth comes to PlayStation Store! Become the Commander to lead armor troops through battlefield and whose special abilities can turn the tide of the war against alien invaders. Master a wealth of tactics and enjoy a variety of modes including Local Co-op – an exclusive for PS3!

Red Johnson’s Chronicles: One Against All ($9.99)
Get ready to solve a unique puzzle-based investigation that will immerse you in a noir world.

PS Minis

Ronnie O’Sullivan’s Snooker ($2.49)
Within Ronnie O’Sullivan’s Snooker, you play through the highlights of Ronnie’s career culminating with his famous World Championship wins. Have you got what it takes to re-create his many stunning victories? Ronnie guides you through the game, giving advice, even taking you back to his home table where you can perfect your cueing action in his very own practice room.

PS2 Classics

La Pucelle: Tactics ($9.99)
Take command of La Pucelle, a band of demon hunters out to purify Paprica kingdom from the looming threat of the Dark World.

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