Spend $100 at PlayStation Store in October, receive $20 credit

Part two of Sony’s freakin’ diabolical push to get PS3/PSP/Vita gamers interested in digital downloads goes live today. The new promotion doesn’t have a fancy name like PSN Play or Summer of Arcade, but it’s a much simpler way to pry money from my wallet…

If you spend $100 at the PlayStation Store during the month of October, Sony will email you a $20 PSN Credit in November.

The freakin’ diabolical part is that Day 1 Digital, another PSN promotion that promotes the day-and-date addition of eight retail games to the PS Store, is also scheduled to run its course this October. So if you drop $120 on, for example, the downloadable versions of Assassin’s Creed III and Resident Evil 6, you’ll already cross the $100 threshold and receive $20 in November.

But the “Spend $100, Get $20” promotion isn’t limited to Day 1 Digital games. Any combination of PSN purchases, including a PlayStation Plus subscription sign-up, will count towards the $100 barrier.

Sadly, the credit only applies to the first $100 you spend. So, again for example, spending $200 won’t net you $40 in PSN Credit. Still, quite the deal.

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