Daily Scoop: January 10, 2013 – So many shirts!

I mean it when I say it this time: there are shirts galore today! I believe that the shirt enthusiasts out there will be very pleased today.

Not really too much in the way of deals, to be honest. But I did have fun looking at Amazon’s best of 2012 list, though I made the wise decision of logging out of my account before looking at those games. You might also be interested in their pre-order central, which has all of the upcoming games and their bonuses.

Seven shirts for you today!! For real!

Shirt.woot has a good one called “Victory through Chaos:”


Tee Fury‘s “Blooper Kraken” made me chuckle:


“Mushroom Comics” at Shirt Punch is clever:


Then there’s “Awful Games Done Quick” at The Yetee:


You might also like “Mushroom Kingdom Racing” at Nowhere Bad:


Tee Volt has a good one called “Dragonborn” for all you Skyrim fans:


And, finally, “You Only Live… Once?” is on sale at T-Shirt Laundry:


Whew! That’s all of ’em!

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