Super Mario Bros. 3’s World 8 in first person view is… well, super

Two years ago, YouTuber FreddieW recreated World 1-1 from Super Mario Bros. in a first person perspective. It was glorious and great and it feels like I’ve been waiting forever for an encore.

Today, FreddieW outdid himself. He jumped over the flagpole, set off all the fireworks, smashed a Koopa Troopa into the staircase for a squiggly green box worth of extra lives, and moonwalked into the castle. In other words, his latest video is cool.

FreddieW has taken the final stretch of World 8 from Super Mario Bros. 3 and recreated it in a first person view. This includes the rolling tanks, Bowser’s castle, and the final fight with the King Koopa himself.

Take a bow, you’ve earned it.

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