God of War: Ascension’s “Bros Before Hos” Trophy renamed with day one patch


Sony Santa Monica courted a mini-controversy (again) yesterday after Adam Sessler reviewed God of War: Ascension and registered his disgust for the game’s “Bros Before Hos” Trophy. Reacting quickly, the developer has informed Joystiq that the offending award will be renamed in a day one patch.

The Trophy will now carry the much-less-misogynistic name “Bros Before Foes.” In addition to being less likely to cause complaints, it also has the bonus of being funnier. The patch won’t change any other part of the game.

In the game, Kratos receives the “Bros Before Hos/Bros Before Foes” Trophy after defeating one of the Furies (read: ripping her limb from limb), a group of demonic vengeance spirits popular in Greek mythology. While it was likely unintentional, it’s not hard to make the leap from the Trophy name to charges of misogyny.

God of War: Ascension was released exclusively for the PS3 today.

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