DualShock 4 is bigger than you think (and bigger than the Xbox One controller)

ps4-xboxone-controllersidebysideThe DualShock has been Sony’s go-to controller design (with slight variations) for three generations now. The fourth DualShock, which will be packaged with the PS4 this Fall, makes a few major changes to the formula and fixes a complaint gamers have had about Sony’s controllers for almost 20 years.

Sony’s DualShock controllers have always been on the small side, but the DualShock 4 remedies that problem with a wider profile and longer handles. It acutally looks comfortable to hold for extended periods of time and, as you can see in this side-by-side photo from GameChup, is actually larger than the Xbox One controller.

As someone who spents years trying to find a third-party PS2 controller that didn’t cramp my hands, this is excellent news.

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