Mario Kart Arcade GP DX is now available in Japan

It was a sad, sad day when Nintendo announced that Mario Kart 8, the first game in the series scheduled for release on the Wii U, wouldn’t be available until Spring 2014. But, did you know that Nintendo had another Mario Kart game in development?

Say hello to Mario Kart Arcade GP DX, the latest arcade edition of the franchise from Namco Bandai.

Available exclusively in Japan, Mario Kart Arcade GP DX adds an interesting twist to the Mario Kart formula: two players can team up and form a tank that shoots Green Shells. The gliders from Mario Kart 7 have also been incorporated into GP DX. It’s unknown if the game will receive an official American release (I’m pretty sure it’s unlikely) and it’s definitely not coming to the Wii U anytime soon.

Which is a travesty, because Mario Kart Arcade GP DX looks awesome. Did I mention that two players can team up and transform into a tank that shoots Green Shells? Because you can totally do that!

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