Saints Row IV almost ended in a big Bollywood-style dance number


I think it’s time we tested the water at Volition HQ. The developers behind the increasingly absurd Saints Row saga hosted “Saints Row Super Dangerous Wub Wub Panel” at Comic-Con on Saturday and Creative Director Steve Jaros revealed the depths of the company’s entrenched insanity… They wanted the final boss battle of Saints Row IV to take place during a big Bollywood-style dance number.

Sadly, a lot of additional time and money would have been needed to make the dance sequence a reality and it was ultimately scrapped:

“It was on our schedule,” Jaros said during today’s Saints Row Super Dangerous Wub Wub Panel, “and we were trying to do it the right way,” with Volition looking at choreography and “the right Bollywood song” to license. Jaros said the idea was scrapped when the Saints Row 4 motion capture team detailed the cost and complexity of adding the song and dance gag. “Time kills jokes, is what it boils down to,” he said.

“The stars didn’t line up,” Jaros said, but assured Comic-Con attendees “the spirit of the Bollywood dance number happens [at the end] and it is poetry in motion. It is so good.”

We’ll all be able to see the real ending of Saints Row IV when the game ships for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 on August 20.

[Source: Polygon]

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