“The Legend of Zelda” (sort of) stumps 2 of 3 contestants in Final Jeopardy!


Alex Trebek has asked many questions inspired by video games over the years on Jeopardy! But yesterday’s episode likely marked the first time that Final Jeopardy! would test a contestant’s knowledge of joysticks, pixels, and 1-Ups.

The category was “Video Game History” and the clue read, “The title princess of this game, which launched a best-selling franchise, was named for F. Scott Fitzgerald’s wife.” Have you figured it out? I hope so. The answer is “(What is) The Legend of Zelda.” All three players knew the answer (though Trebek kept asking the three contestants if they knew the name of the franchise), but only one got credit for it.

Champion Mark Japinga was able to come up with the game’s full title, but challengers Ken Dasher and Toby Crew both answered “Zelda.” If this were the Jeopardy! or Double Jeopardy! round, the host likely would have asked them for clarification, but because it was Final Jeopardy!, the wrath of Trebek was delivered (“Gotta pay attention,” he told both losing contestants).

I think we all know how Sean Connery would have responded to that.

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